This may not be the law but its just smart! Bozeman is biker friendly so you will find many stores in town that want to sell you a rad brain protector!


Blink Rides Helmet Campaign.


The rule is that you need to be 18 and if you’re not, that is going to seems forever away! Simply follow the rules of the road, stay on bike paths and off the sidewalks. Slowdown in heavy traffic and if it feels safer, set a foot on the ground and scoot and step along until you have a safe path to start your ride again. Be courteous as you ride, and watch out for the pot holes! Riding is fun but will require you to make certain your lane is safe to ride on. When in doubt step off the scooter and push it! Finally, STAY OFF THE SIDEWALKS, IT IS THE LAW!


Take a moment before you start and check your scooter over. There are a few key things to know before you roll.  The brake is on the left side handlebar and the acceleration is on the right side handlebar. Pay attention when braking so you have enough time to slow down.  Push off with good force using all your human strength to get started. Don’t be shy, give it a good push or three and then press the acceleration lever.  The motor will engage when you have pushed it a few paces. Now this starts the fun part, but stay centered with your feet placed with good weight balance. Turning is done with leaning and light handle bar movement, it’s best to slow way down until you are comfortable and safe!  Use your light at night and ring that bell when needed!


Blink has parking zones all designated thrughout the allowed riding areas. To stop your ride and your accruing charges you must be in the zone! Locate a parking zone before you ride, we have chosen to build out the parking zones within the city so riders will know where they are to end a ride and where they can most likely find a ride.  The zones will help keep our city looking pretty without scooter weeds sprouting all over.


You as the rider may want more information regarding our municipal code and the applicable chapters to scooters. We have been working closely with the PD to ensure that we are all educated on expectations. Blink will continue to collaborate with officials as we grow and gain data on this new micromobility modality.

In this link you will find information on various codes that apply to riding a scooter however I am going to highlight three that Bozeman PD indicated were on the radar:
45-6-101. Criminal mischief.
45-6-203. Criminal trespass to property
45-8-101. Disorderly conduct.


The Montana State University campus is a major part of our town and culture, GO CATS! The campus rules and regulations regarding scooter use and parking are currently being developed. At this time, scooters can be ridden in bike lanes on the streets passing through and around campus.

Scooters are not allowed on sidewalks and any other area where motor vehicle traffic is restricted and/or areas that are intended for pedestrian use. Any rider using anything other than the bike lanes on streets to access campus will be fined and the scooter impounded. Any cost applicable to Blink will be passed on to the offender. We are working closely with the campus as they develop plans for multi-modality space. Blink riders need to be Safe, Responsible and Respectful as we move thru Cat country!


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